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Reach me via my Inquiry Form Here... along with your wedding date and venue, if secured. I can respond by email or phone. If possible, I would like to meet you both in person so you can get to know your future photographer and can ask me everything you need. Once you’ve decided to choose me as your photographer, I will send a contract for you to sign and return with a deposit.

We require a 50% initial deposit and the rest of the fee to be paid on or before the wedding day.

Typically 6-12 months in advance as soon as you have a date and venue. If you’re not the plan way in the advance type of guy or gal, fret not. Check with me for availability.

Yes. You are hiring me personally to shoot the wedding, not another photographer working under my name.

I always shoot with an assistant/2nd photographer with rare exceptions. This frees me up to focus on shooting and looking for special moments while ensuring that between the two of us, we don’t miss the important ones. The 2nd shooter offers a different but complementary perspective and allows us to work efficiently throughout the entire day.

I am based in Ahmedabad. If you aren’t in any of these locations, please read the next question.

I love to travel and will generally arrive at least the day before the event to help ensure that unexpected travel delays do not make me late or miss your big day. Let me know where you are and we’ll figure out the best way to get me out to you.

Yes. If the location is over an hours drive from Ahmedabd, and photography is expected to start quite early, also if the event finishes at unsuitable hours, and is further than an hours drive from Ahmedabad, then reasonable overnight accommodation will be charged at cost. However beyond the, additional costs will be charged for travel.

This is mostly up to you, but usually a couple of hours before the ceremony or immediately following the ceremony. Shooting before the ceremony allows you to check one more thing off the day’s to-do list early on and, more importantly, to afford you and the wedding party a chance to enjoy the cocktail hour and mingle with your guests. Shooting after the ceremony, depending on the time, could allow you to take advantage of the setting sun and its softer light.

These are some of my favourite photographs to capture. The energy and excitement of everyone moving about is there, but I can also capture the calm and solemn moments when the bride and groom think about their wedding vows, the friends and family around them, and everything leading up to and away from this moment.

That’s where the fun is. I am right there with everyone on the dance floor like a ninja with camera.

We definitely believe in family group pictures, mainly of parents and siblings. What we’d rather not have is and extended list of former classmates, club members, university colleagues etc. These take up a lot of time and detract from our photojournalistic creativity. We’ll normally insist you write up a very short shoot list of about 10, and on the day, arrange for the MC or the ushers to help gather necessary guests for the pre-arranged photographs. Keeping this list short, allows more time for the more creative portraits of the bride, groom and the bridal train.

Absolutely! Wedding cinema has evolved a lot over the last few years. We will develop a beautiful thematic documentary style wedding video which will perfectly complement your wedding album. Typical deliverables include a wedding trailer (5-6 mins), and a full 60-80 minute wedding movie — all in brilliant high definition video. Here is examples of it: Click Here

This will depend on the wedding package booked, or on a pre-agreed upon time schedule. Normally we will wait until all the key moments of the reception are done with, and then leave sometime during the dancing, when we feel we have enough images for your story.

Yes. RAW allows me to get the best quality and image detail when I am processing the photos.

I love B&W photographs. There is something so timeless about them. Since I shoot digital, this allows me to decide after the fact whether I want to process the image in B&W or Color. However, I generally shoot the image with a color preference in mind based on what I am seeing.

I use full frame camera Sony A7 R III along with Canon 5D Mark III as second body with open aperture lens for both, Photography and Filming. Also, I use Zhiyun Crane in Cinematography for smooth camera movement. Different kinds of light also help me for better Picturing and Filming.

Along with the assignment, you own the full usage rights to your wedding photos for non-commercial use. Legal jargon aside, that means you can do whatever you want with your wedding photos (like making more albums, taking prints, sending them out to relatives, sharing them online and what have you). The only thing you cannot do is resell your wedding images – which I am sure you will not want to do! As the photographer, I will own the ‘copyright’ to the photographs, which means I own the author rights to the photograph.

Your photos will generally be ready within 2-4 weeks following the wedding. I go through a careful process of choosing the best images from the day and processing each of them with individual attention.

Sometimes we have discounted prices depending on our schedules and availability.

We’ll then start pre wedding consultations leading up to the day. Further, if included in your package, a date is arranged for the pre wedding/engagement session. This is also an opportunity for us to get to know a bit more about you.

Yes. I offer custom-designed hardbound album photo books along with a selection of different quality of papers.

I offer you a chance to pick a selection of photos that you must have in the album. This can be anywhere from 0 to the entire album. Definitely we give our suggestion if any confusion.

I certainly hope so. I generally will post about every shoot on my website and possibly my portfolio.

No, it's not! A lot of people tend to see wedding photography as just the 10 odd hours the photographer shoots on the day. But by our calculations, we spend over 40 hours on each wedding. Right from the first contact, the subsequent meetings, emails and phone calls, the hours start piling up. The engagement shoot will probably take 3-4 hours, editing its images another 4 hours The wedding day itself throws out over a thousand images which could take anywhere between 12-16 hours to edit, images need to be backed up, uploaded, albums designed, modified, all the while continuing communications with you, the printers and the binders.